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Complete IVF Solution including Equipment, Consumables, and media. ORIGIO, SAGE,, MEDICULT, HUMAGEN, MIDATLANTIC and WALLACE are the known brands in the COOPERSURGICAL umbrella.

Education, Routine Laboratory, High end Research & Industrial microscopes for Life Sciences & Materials sectors.

Complete range of Refrigerators, Freezers & Cold Rooms

A Hamilton Thorne Company for Semi & Fully Automated Semen Analyzers & IVF Lasers for Assisted Hatching.

Premium quality of Cooling Units. Complete range of Refrigerators, Freezers. Specially the Blood Bank Refrigerators and Plasma Freezers.

Memmert is an innovation leader in the development of heating ovens, incubators, climate chambers as well as water baths and oil baths.

A Complete solution for cytogenetic lab including Karyotyping, FISH & Automated Metaphase finder system & DNA probe kits. BIODOSIMETRY Lab

Complete Cryopreservation Solution. Alarming & Monitoring systems for labs. And highly reliable Controlled Rate freezers for Stem Cells, Blood & IVF.

Clean air technology, Laminar Flow Hoods Horizontal or Vertical, Biological Safety Cabinet Class II and Ultra Low Upright or Chest Freezers

EmbryoScope is the world’s most used time-lapse system for observation of embryo Development, while maintaining stable embryo culture conditions

Xiltrix is a Data Alarming and Monitoring Systems for All kind of Labs, Laboratories, and IVF Centers.

Education, Routine Laboratory, High end Research & Industrial microscopes for Life Sciences & Materials sectors.

MVE Biological Solutions, USA Systems is the world’s leading manufacturer of vacuum insulated products and cryogenic freezer systems for Life Sciences markets around the world.

A web based IVF Database Management System to help busiest clinics run more efficiently by automating and digitizing every tasks

Digital Radiology Systems

Digital Radiology Systems, Conventional X-Ray, Digital Fluoroscopy (R/F systems), Mammography, C-Arm (mobile fluoroscopy)

iRAY supply the outstanding X-ray Flat Panel Detector(FPD) and DR solutions

A leader in manufacturing Bone Mineral Densitometers (BMD)

World of Mammography
High-quality imaging solutions for mammography

Since our founding in 2002, SonoScape has focused on innovating and developing medical equipment. Like Black & White and Color Doppler Ultrasound System.

Medical Imaging Diagnostic Machines

Medical X-ray protective products

Leading German innovators for Lithotripter machines, Lasers systems and ED devices

A leading European manufacturer of Urodynamic and Uroflowmeter equipment and consumables for urinary tract examinations.

Korean leading manufacturer for Bladder scanning Devices

A German Company manufacturing EHL (Electrohydraulic Lithotripsy) and EKL (Electro kinetic Lithotripsy)

Cystoscopes, Resectoscope, HOLEP sets, Uretoro Renoscope sets and Nephroscopes

Agerman Company for Aesthitic Laser teqnologies

Korean Company for liposuction machines

Korean Company for Fractional laser and HIFU machines.

Belgium company for Cryopen

Italian Manufacturer for Plasma Pen

Enterprise Image Management

Diagnostics workstations and medical monitors.

Cardiovascular, Information system, OB/Gyna , Dialysis information system, Whiteboard and Dashboard Central Statistics.

Cardiology and Angiography.

Speech recognition and structured reporting.

Document Archiving Solution.



Digital Radiology Systems

Hot Lab Solution for Nuclear medicine & Radiopharmacy

Diagnostic Gamma Camera

Changing the Shape of Nuclear Medicine

Patient Monitors

Modern equipment for endoscopy surgery

Light and pendants

Electrosurgical units

Operation Tables

Patient Monitors by Northern

SS Wall cladding and ceiling tiles

OR and NICU products

Vestibular assessment equipment

Otoacoustic Emission, Newborn screening

Cochlear, Bone Conduction & Middle ear implants

Audiology equipment by Inventis

ENT units and treatment systems

Soundproof Cabinets

Evoked potential instruments

SS wall cladding and ceiling tiles

Tabletop steam sterilizers

Sterile Dryers – Endo Dryers

Washers & Disinfectors

Steam Sterilizer equipments

Transcranial Dopplers

Outpatient pharmacy solution

TPN Compounding System

IN-Patient Pharacy.Unit multi-dose packing machine.

Medical Carts by CapsaHealthCare

Oncology Robotic Compounding System

Electro-Cardiology and Stress Testing

EEG-ECT Equipment

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Innovative and Mobile diagnostics for PSG,PG,HST, Blood pressure & Neurology

Vascular Diagnostic Equipment

Transcranial Doppler

Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation Equiment